Toe The Line Or Lose Your Job

A little over two weeks ago, we witnessed one of the most sinister manifestations of cancel culture in the age of the woke mob. Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian, and all Lucasfilm plans to feature her popular character, Cara Dune, in Star Wars projects were discarded. And for what? If you just read the headlines, you would assume that Carano posted something outlandish and uniquely vile. This is far from the case. Gina Carano was fired for one reason and one reason alone. She refused to remain silent or toe Hollywood’s accepted political line.

The entertainment industry claims to be in favor of diversity; so long as all of the diverse people think the same. Leftist celebrities seem to have carte blanche to post whatever they want. Expressing any opinion, no matter how ridiculous, has no recourse. But if you have a rightwing opinion or merely want to make a statement that isn’t in tune with the prevailing narrative, you are seen as a heretic that must be destroyed.

In the middle of September 2020, the social media mob first set their sights on Carano. And for what crime? She didn’t adhere to their demands to put pronouns in her Twitter bio. Never mind the fact that it is incredibly insulting to require a woman to provide a disclaimer that she is not a man. Anybody who looks at Gina Carano knows she’s a woman. But not in the age of nonsensical gender theory. Carano was harassed relentlessly to the point that she posted “beep bop boop” in her bio (a reference to a Star Wars character R2D2 and attempted to turn her harassment into a joke). But this was a crime to the woke. And she was immediately labeled a transphobe.

The mob continued to harass Carano and call for her termination for months, setting its sights on posts of hers that expressed mainstream conservative sentiments. She was accused of claiming that the 2020 election was stolen because she tweeted support for election integrity. They accused her of being a white supremacist because she liked a post accurately evaluating that the police aren’t systematically racist in the United States. They claimed that Carano supported the Capitol Hill riots because she liked some early tweets about the certification of the presidential election, prior to the day the fateful rally and the events that followed.. All of these attacks on Carano continued to snowball until the start of February, when Carano reposted a screenshot on Instagram detailing the circumstances of hate being ginned up against Jews prior to the Nazis’ rise to power. The message: it is bad to dehumanize people. But that spurned accusations of antisemitism. These claims were ridiculous on their face because most of the people pretending to be offended support BDS and have called Trump supporters Nazis for years. To claim now that they care about devaluing the seriousness of the Holocaust is pathologically dishonest.

But the effort to fire Gina Carano succeeded. Kathleen Kennedy’s Lucasfilm released a statement that “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future.” The rage mob got what they wanted. And all of the media sites parroted defamatory accusations of the motives of Carano’s posts. Furthermore, the statement from Lucasfilm labelled Carano’s posts as “abhorrent and unacceptable,” accusing her of “denigrating” people based on religion and culture. She did no such thing, But if you don’t look at the source material, you are likely to believe the lies.

Following her dismissal and abandonment from her talent agency, Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire reached out to Carano and announced that she would star in and produce a film for their new entertainment endeavors. This move was meant to combat her cancellation. Shapiro also conducted an interview with her that has amassed millions of views in just a few days. Shapiro also invited Carano to attend Shabbat dinner with his family. Now, why would Ben Shapiro, arguably the most famous living Orthodox Jew, and common recipient of volumes of antisemitic hate, hire Carano and do that if she were some sort of uprepentent hater of Jews? The answer, of course, is that she isn’t. Accusing her of antisemitism was libelous. Especially when antisemitism is mainstreamed on the left.

The right must continue to fight back regarding the culture. Spread the truth. Hold corporations accountable when they bend the knee to the rage mob. Don’t forgive and forget when real people are losing their livelihoods, based on obvious deceit.



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AJ Glickson

AJ Glickson

Constitutional conservative. Fiscal conservative. Social conservative. Always opinionated.